Aleppo soap nigella oil black cumin 100 grams

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    Aleppo soap nigella oil black cumin 100 grams

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    Pure vegetable Aleppo soap with black cumin . Of an exceptionally high quality, developed with care according to a traditional recipe. Aleppo soap is suitable for all skin types and for the whole family.
    It has a cleansing, a softening, a nourishing and a healing effect on the skin. Aleppo soap can be used to cleanse the body, face and hair.

    It can even be used to brush the teeth.
    Black cumin has a recovering function.
    Prevents premature skin aging, increases skin elasticity and balances the skin.

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    Bio lip balm Sensitive

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    Lavera Sensitive lip balm helps to prevent your lips from drying out. Natural care for sensitive lips. Made from 100% certified organic ingredients.


    • With the lavera Sensitive lip balm you protect your lips effectively against drying out
    • Your natural care for demanding lips
    • The skin friendliness of all Lavera products has been dermatologically proven. Free from genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
    • Bio, Natrue – 100% silicone-free, paraffin-free, mineral oil-free – Lavera natural cosmetics developed and produced in Germany
    • Lavera stands for 100% certified natural cosmetics – with high-quality organic vegetable ingredients from our own production
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    Coconut oil Bio cold pressed

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    Nourish the skin intensively and protect it from drying out

    Can be used as a hair mask to boost hair and scalp

    Supports your skin. Prevents premature skin aging

    100% natural and unrefined, so free from mineral oils and synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives.

    Content: 500 ml

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    First Aid Silver Spray 15 ML

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    Colloidal Silver – made from tiny pure colloidal silver particles

    First aid silver spray can be used for first aid with discomfort:


    • Skin problems, such as warts, acne and blemished skin and shingles.
    • Diaper rash and mountain in babies.
    • Bad wound healing.
    • Eye disorders.
    • Sore throat, hoarseness and mouth ulcers.
    • Zinc supports the immune system and contributes to a good resistance.
    • Zinc supports the condition of the eye.
    • Zinc helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy.
    • Zinc contributes to the cell renewal process.
    • Zinc supports the skin’s regenerative capacity.
    • Zinc protects healthy cells and tissues.

    The nanoparticles of silver can perfectly penetrate the skin and the product does not contain any harmful substances. So 100% pure!

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    Natures Answer Periobrite natural toothpaste 22 herbs and Q10

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    Nature’s Answer, 113 grams

    • with nearly 30 herbs, essential oils and nutrients
    • 100% vegetable
    • very concentrated | only the size of a pea
    • lasts 3 to 4 times longer than normal toothpastes
    • formulated by biological dentist James Harrison, DDS The Integrative Dentist ™
    • with Phytoplenolin® *
    • Coenzyme Q10 & Folic Acid
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    Organic Lip Balms

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    • organic lip balm
    • Beeswax, olive oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E of sustainable origin.
    • USDA Bio, GM Free
    • Made with ecological and biodegradable ingredients
    • Without sulfates, without preservatives, without artificial perfumes and without animal testing.
    • Certified Organic from Oregon Tilth
    • Be good for your lips!
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    Organic Tutti Frutti Toothpaste for children (Without fluoride) 75 ML

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    Makes brushing a child’s play due to the fruity taste.

    Good oral hygiene is a prerequisite for healthy teeth and gums. The Urtekram toothpaste contains chalk and active substances that clean the teeth, stimulate the gums and whiten teeth.

    The Urtekram toothpaste does not contain SLS / SLES or other foaming agents that can irritate the oral mucosa. Thanks to the formula you still get a good foam effect. The Urtekram toothpastes are particularly suitable in combination with the use of an electric toothbrush.

    • Without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives.
    • Free of phthalates, parabens, silicones and petrochemicals.
    • Without fluoride.
    • Animal-free and suitable for vegans.
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    PerioBrite Natural Mouthwash Coolmint (480ml)

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    PerioBrite® also has a powerful and alcohol-free Natural Mouthwash that moisturizes the various tissues in the mouth, keeps the mouth fresh for hours and of course also provides periodontal support.

    Only use PerioBrite Natural Mouthwash once and you’re sold!

    more than 30 herbs, essential oils and nutrients
    -No alcohol!
    -100% vegetable
    formulated by biological dentist James Harrison, DDS The Integrative Dentist ™
    -with Phytoplenolin® and Bio-Saponins® (including Soapbark)
    -Coenzyme Q10 & folic acid

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    PerioBriteRub Natural Gum Gel Coolmint (14g)

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    PerioBriteRub for Periodontal Wellness is a Natural Gum Gel for support for the teeth and gums. It offers very fast, effective and long-lasting support for irritation and / or inflammation in the mouth.

    – With nearly 30 herbs, essential oils and nutrients
    – Fast, effective and long-lasting
    – No alcohol and no fluoride!
    – 100% vegetable
    – Formulated by Biological Dentist James Harrison, DDS The Integrative Dentist ™
    – With Phytoplenolin®
    – Coenzyme Q10 & folic acid

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    Propolis lip balm

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    This gentle nourishing lipstick consists of purifying and skin-repairing propolis together with soothing and nourishing ingredients such as beeswax and cocoa butter. Tea tree essential oil supports the purifying power of propolis. Ideal for protecting the lips in case of cold (skiing) or dryness (after sunbathing). Propolis lipstick is used for chapped, cracked corners of the mouth and dry lips.

    Stick of 4 g

    Use: Apply on the lips

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    Toothbrush bamboo adult black brush soft

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    Humble Brush. The world’s finest bamboo toothbrush. The handle is made of 100% bamboo and the bristles do not contain any BPA . It brushes just as well as a regular plastic toothbrush, but is much more durable. And it also has a beautiful design. An asset to your bathroom and the environment!

    • Bamboo handle, 100% biological degradable
    • Soft bristles without BPA (bisphenol A)
    • Normal lifespan
    • 95% less plastic than a regular toothbrush
    • Recyclable and compostable packaging
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    Toothbrush bamboo kids blue brush soft

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    The handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo which has a natural anti-slip property. Humble Brush has an ergonomic grip and with its timeless and sleek design is a perfect must-have accessory for the bathroom.

    Each Humble Brush has soft nylon-6 bristles without BPA (bisphenol A). This is biodegradable in the long run (1). We use this because there is no vegetable substitute with a lifespan of at least three months.

    Humble Brush comes in an environmentally friendly packaging: the brush is protected by a transparent, biodegradable protective pouch made of vegetable material. The box is made from 100% recycled material.

    Humble Brush has no disadvantages compared to conventional manual toothbrushes. The ecological bamboo lasts just as long as plastic toothbrushes from mass production.

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