Vitamin D3 Drops 4000IU


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Vitamin D-3 is vital for many functions in our body. Vitamin D also affects many important biological functions vital to health and well-being. Vitamin D3 plays a big role in maintaining our health. It is essential for many processes in the body such as the immune system, in maintaining strong bones and many other metabolic processes. Nowadays many people are vitamin D3 deficient due to lack of sun, living in a cold climate, taking medication, etc. More and more studies show that Vitamin D3 deficiencies are increasingly common and these deficiencies are linked to many disorders.

As a dietary supplement, use 2 drops daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Can be mixed with food or liquids.
Usage method; turn the bottle upside down before dripping.

Use in children

Children from 3 years: 1 drop daily.
Children from 12 years: 2 drops daily.
Note: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in children under 3 years of age.

Salt, wheat, corn, yeast, sugar, milk, preservative, and fish

Vitamin D and Magnesium work together
Vitamin D3 uses magnesium for his body processes, a magnesium deficiency could easily arise. In addition to vitamin D3, it is therefore very important to take magnesium supplementation. Without enough magnesium, your body cannot properly use the vitamin D you take in.


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