Training woman and hormone balance (November 12)


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Why you should not miss this lecture?

Katinka is a complementary health therapist. She has taught at various training institutes. Including the European Academy. She has also run a successful practice for 15 years
During this lecture, Katinka Gerrits shares a number of powerful tips and insights with which she has been able to help many people over the past 10 years as an orthomolecular therapist. She has helped more women on their way to radiant health in which the self-healing capacity of your body is central.

The following points are covered:

    • Why you faster unhappy, anxious or ’empty’ feels when the hormone progesterone is being produced less (which is the case with many women) + tips to improve the release of this hormone
    • How to care for a strong resistance , weight loss and more energy ?
    • Tips to complaints around the transition . Think of hot flashes and sleeping problems.
    • How reduce your complaints about your monthly period?
    • What are main causes of a underactive thyroid and tips for a healthy thyroid gland ?
    • What is healthy food where you intestines are happy ?
    • For which nutrients’ screams ‘your body in a stressful or busy life and how these nutrients give your body rest.
    • The big challenges today: insulin resistance, inflammation, estrogen dominance and adrenal exhaustion .
    • How about now carbohydrates, proteins and fats ?
    • Basically what can you do so that you get it self-healing ability of your body!


“If you are healthy you have 1000 wishes, if you are sick you have 1”


During the lecture I will explain ‘complex matter’ in a simple way so that you can easily apply it. If you know the lectures of the Power Academy, then you know that you can also expect a pleasant evening with lots of enthusiasm and fun!

Ticket Price: only 12.50- Euro


Date & time:
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Genk Hotel South




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