Sun lotion Spf 30


Protect and Care SPF 30
The sunscreen has a nourishing formula enriched with argan, macadamia, olive and almond oil, shea and cocoa butter. It protects and provides long-lasting care during sun exposure. It contains efficient UVA / UVB filter composition for sun protection. The product does not contain parabens and mineral oils.

How to use?

Apply to clean, dry skin before exposure to sunlight. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

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sunscreen La Croa sunscreen contains a rich nourishing formula, enriched with argan, macadamia, olive and almond oil and with shea and cocoa butter. Reliably protects and provides long-term care during sun exposure. Contains a highly efficient UVA / UVB filter system for sun protection. Does not stain clothes. Directions for use: Apply to clean and dry skin before sun exposure and if necessary after swimming. Precautions: Store at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only. Ingredients: listed on the package.


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