Shampoo bar 2 in 1 All hair types


For all hair types!
Choose the 2-in-1 shampoo bar for perfectly cared for hair!

Our 2-in-1 shampoo bar contains macadamia, argan and jojoba oils, which restore the moisture content of dry, damaged hair and give the hair shine.

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Shampoo bar 2 in 1
Macadamia Oil – provides natural UV protection. The monounsaturated acids protect the hair and scalp against harmful environmental influences and restore the moisture balance of the hair, while vitamin E softens the hair. The macadamia oil has an anti-static effect, gives the hair shine and makes it soft and supple so that it keeps the hair in beautiful shape. Macademia contains vitamin A, vitamin E and squalene, which is used for the synthesis of vitamin D and protects hair from UV rays and split ends.

Argan oil nourishes and protects the scalp against dandruff and moisturizes the hair root. Argan oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids, carotene and vitamin E, which gives dry and damaged shine, stimulates hair growth and prevents split ends. It moisturizes the hair and makes the hair elastic.

Jojoba oil moisturizes and conditions the hair and scalp. It stimulates hair growth and prevents dandruff and seborrhea. It is recommended for the care of dry and dyed hair and restores the hair’s shine. Jojoba oil has been used to stimulate hair growth for years and, due to its antibacterial properties, can also be used in the treatment of dandruff and eczema.

Cocoa butter is rich in lipids, fatty acids and active ingredients, which soften, moisturize and nourish the hair.

Magnolia oil moisturizes the hair and restores the protective layer that gives the hair a natural shine. It repairs and protects the hair and gives the hair an intense glow.

The essential oil of orange and vanilla oil balances the scalp, makes the hair soft, gives the hair volume and helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp.

Wet the hair and then massage the shampoo bar over the hair in small circular motions until it foams. Massage the foam into the hair and scalp and then rinse thoroughly. If desired, massage again and rinse, after which you can enjoy clean and shiny hair.

Shampoo bar is free of parabens, preservatives. Vegan, cruelty-free and handmade.

60 grams / maximum 50 washes

Moisten the shampoo bar and lather in the hands. Apply the foam to wet hair or massage the shampoo bar directly onto wet hair. Let the shampoo bar dry after use and store it in a dark, dry place.

Shelf life:
24 months


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