Raw Organic Shea Butter


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Noor & Nature shea butter is unrefined. Shea butter is traditionally handmade in Ghana, where the shea or karite tree grows. The traditional production method provides us with a soothing and moisturizing product that cares for and repairs the skin like no other product can.

Shea Butter has a high content of healing properties. This ensures that new cells are activated with the cream. This inhibits skin aging and stimulates skin healing. Lubricating the butter helps to prevent swelling or eczema. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E. These vitamins not only help reduce scars, but also prevent them. Lubricate these areas of your skin with the butter in the morning and evening and the skin will feel soft and calm again. It relieves a (light) burned or damaged skin. The hair also benefits from using this product, especially dry, curly or frizzy hair becomes soft again.

Free from synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives

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