Ramadan Healthy Fasting


A short list of the symptoms that support the Ramadan – Healthy Fasting supplement with:

  • Detox and cleanse
  • Relieve headaches
  • Reduction of muscle cramps
  • Reduction of mental fog, improvement of concentration
  • Relieve Low energy, drowsiness
  • Stabilize mood swings and improve general mood
  • Indigestion, and generally supports the digestive system and stomach in particular
  • Provide liver support during high toxicity
  • Stimulate the immune system


One pill a day. Take with water at the beginning of the breaking of the fast.

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Ramadan Healthy Fasting supplement


As today, fasting is a fundamentally different experience from that of ancient times. The environment in which we live is polluted. Industrial and agricultural toxins continuously find their way into our body where the body’s defenses store what cannot be eliminated in our body fat. When fasting, toxins that were previously stored are released into the bloodstream. The body needs support to cleanse itself of these excess toxins. In addition, modern day expectations are often for long working days that coincide with fasting hours and thus add to the physical stress

While fasting is not easy, modern fasting with the chemicals released into the bloodstream is often accompanied by nausea, muscle cramps, circulation problems, headaches, lack of mental stamina, and lack of physical energy, all of which can limit the fasting person’s work performance.

After studying hundreds of herbs and nutrients, we consulted with modern doctors, nutritionists and nutrition engineers. We also received invaluable wisdom from the Chinese, Asian and Ayurvedic traditions.

The result of this extensive research is a dietary supplement that cleanses the body of toxins while providing the excellent benefits of nourishing nutrients. The fasting practitioner will still experience what ancient people experienced: hunger, thirst, and low energy. Still, the “added” environmental impacts of our highly toxic world will be substantially alleviated! In essence, we want to make it possible to experience fasting as it was experienced centuries ago, an experience of spiritual and physical renewal.






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