Pella Wonder wipes, 60x40cm for any application, 3 colors


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Pella cleaning cloths

Never again spend a long time cleaning your windows, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel appliances, high-gloss white surfaces, extractor hood, etc.

They leave absolutely no scratches or stains. With the Pella cloths, after-drying or after wiping is a thing of the past!


-Before the first use, soak the Pella cleaning cloths in warm water for 10 minutes. With multiple uses, you can use it by just wetting it with lukewarm water.

-Pella cleaning cloths can be washed in the washing machine NOT wash with fabric softeners, only with detergent at 40 degrees.

-These cloths are allowed NOT be ironed.

Our cleaning cloths are environmentally friendly!

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Product Description

The microfibre drying towels 40 x 60 cm with diamond structure can be used for drying multiple surfaces such as plastic, glass, aluminum, ceramics, natural stone, stainless steel, and so on. First for cleaning with a damp microfibre cleaning cloth then.

This microfibre cleaning cloth is suitable for all activities. Thanks to the weave, this cloth is very suitable to use as a washing-in cloth for cleaning windows or all daily cleaning work. The structure ensures that dirt adheres optimally to the cloth and less force is required when cleaning. It is best to use this cloth damp, as the structure changes completely when the cloth is damp.


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