Organic Tutti Frutti Toothpaste for children (Without fluoride) 75 ML


Makes brushing a child’s play due to the fruity taste.

Good oral hygiene is a prerequisite for healthy teeth and gums. The Urtekram toothpaste contains chalk and active substances that clean the teeth, stimulate the gums and whiten teeth.

The Urtekram toothpaste does not contain SLS / SLES or other foaming agents that can irritate the oral mucosa. Thanks to the formula you still get a good foam effect. The Urtekram toothpastes are particularly suitable in combination with the use of an electric toothbrush.

  • Without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives.
  • Free of phthalates, parabens, silicones and petrochemicals.
  • Without fluoride.
  • Animal-free and suitable for vegans.

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Our toothpaste cleans effectively with the forces of nature, and it contains a strong team of ingredients. The chalk we use was formed millions of years ago and collected at the bottom of the sea and then pulverized. That is also the reason that our toothpaste has the natural, light gray color of natural chalk. In addition, our toothpaste has a high content of aloe vera, as it helps protect your gums and provides extra care. And as a little extra bonus, we’ve also added myrrh, which is known for its disinfecting properties.



  1. of natural origin
  2. from certified organic farming


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