Natural eyeliner, kohl ithmid powder


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The natural stone contains several medicinal benefits.

Benefits of pure kohl Ithmid:

  • It strengthens the optic nerve
  • Keep the eye healthy
  • Provides a better view
  • Protected from the bright sun
  • Strengthens the lashes and makes it grow
  • Makes the eyes beautiful

The use of kohl protects the eyes against sun radiation because it reduces reflection, it prevents dryness of the eyes and it has an antibacterial effect. Kohl has been used for centuries to strengthen the eyes and improve vision. It makes your eyes shine and gives them a mysterious effect.

Available in wooden holder with applicator stick or in a jar (= refill).

Explanation how to use:

We do recommend contact lens wearers to remove the contact lenses before applying the powder to prevent powder from getting under the lens.

Place the stick horizontally on the inside of your eye. Close your eye and move the stick back and forth a few times. Depending on the desired effect, you can repeat this procedure a few times. In between, always dip the applicator into the bottle to allow the kohl to reabsorb. It doesn’t hurt if some of the kohl gets into your eye during application. You can apply it on the inside as well as the outside of your eyelashes.


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