Natural African Black Soap


The soap has a positive effect on all kinds of skin problems such as:

  • acne,
  • pimples, blackheads,
  • rashes and skin irritations,
  • a dry eczema,
  • scalp irritations,
  • reduce wrinkles,
  • to narrow the pores,
  • impurities in the skin get smaller and when they come they stay smaller and disappear quickly,
  • ensures a smooth, soft skin, because those pores become smaller.

The soap can be used on your body, face and head (hair). Also as shaving soap because it foams and smoothens so pleasantly!

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Dudu-Osun African black soap – soap is handmade in Lagos (Africa)
100% natural soap consisting of natural ingredients from the tropical rainforest and savannas. No artificial fragrance, color or preservatives and the soap is completely biodegradable. The African Black Soap is vegan and contains no colors, fragrances and other synthetic additives.


Consists of 100% natural ingredients: Pure honey, Shea butter, aloe vera, African sandalwood / camwood (Osun), palm tree oil and coconut ash and water.



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