Maryam Flower


Maryam Flower

Maryam Bloem also known as the Rose of Jericho in Dutch.

The plant is found in the Mediterranean area and is very suitable for women in many cases. The plant is known for being medicinal effect on various ailments. For example, the plant can be used for menstrual pain, menopausal complaints, but also for rheumatic complaints.


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The Flower of Maryam is a plant that is in a kind of ‘hibernation position’. When it is eligible for moisture it awakens.

As soon as you place the plant in a bowl or large glass of water, it slowly opens and a substance is released that is pain-relieving and warming for your uterus. It is often used for a cold womb, repeated miscarriages or during childbirth to promote dilation. This flower has a medicinal effect and it also contains good nutrients such as: Calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron etc. especially calcium and magnesium work together to coordinate and regulate smooth muscle contractions.



  • Menstrual pain
  • Prostate problems in men
  • Libido problems in men and women
  • Facilitates labor if taken during labor
  • Infertility and irregular periods
  • Good for menopausal women
  • Good against bacteria, especially Salmonella bacteria
  • Rheumatism and rheumatic complaints

Warning: It should absolutely not be used during pregnancy, except when giving birth. Do not use during breastfeeding and not suitable for children.

Content : 1 to 2 flowers per bag. (Depending on the size of the flower)

Don’t throw Maryam’s flower away, after use it will go back to sleep and be reusable.

Instructions for use can be found in your package



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