Lecture: Preventive health care for children.


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Lecture Preventive health care for children


I am Arjen Pasma (1945), homeopath for 35 years, after having worked in education for 10 years. I have experience in my own practice (Scherpenzeel, Frl.) And have been working at a homeopathy clinic in Malawi for at least a month every year since 2008. I am used to working under high pressure, but I am gradually ending my practical work and I want to write a few more books about vaccination, my experiences in Malawi and my work as a homeopath. Since November 2016 I have been a member of the Facebook group Vaccine Vrij (and a few other groups) and I write solicited and unsolicited to questions from parents and regularly publish my vision and ideas there myself.

Through knowledge and experience in daily practice I know how profoundly radical vaccinations can be and I have grown towards a vision that I have described in the texts ‘I am an ex-vaxxer’ and ‘Vaccinations Summarized’. Based on those texts, I would like to talk to parents and interested parties about the possibilities that are open when parents do not (or no longer) have their children vaccinated. I do that in groups that want to listen to my ideas. I will not argue for or against vaccination. It is my idea that everyone informs themselves on the basis of knowledge and insight and care (for children) and then chooses his or her way. During a meeting / lecture I like to talk to parents who have read both my texts and have questions about them and I will answer them as well as possible. The core of my story is: acute illnesses and childhood illnesses carry a usefulness and necessity to cleanse the organism by going through those illnesses and to train the immune system so that chronic illnesses are kept at bay. The situation today is very serious: we live in a period when the immune, endocrine and nervous systems have come under severe stress. It is not getting any easier and I am rather gloomy about the future of the population as a whole. I have hope for each individual child in practice.


Preventive health care for children


The goal of prevention is to keep children healthy by promoting and protecting their health. Prevention also aims to prevent diseases and complications of diseases or to detect them at the earliest possible stage. Prevention in the period before and from the beginning of pregnancy is important for the health of the future baby, both right from birth and for the rest of his life. The aim is to stay healthy and to promote and protect health.



These topics are covered, among others:

  • Providing information about childhood diseases, vaccines and the consequences of vaccination.
  • Informing about treatment options for vaccination damage.
  • Providing information to all who consciously choose to vaccinate, not vaccinate or partially.
  • Providing information on alternative disease prevention.
  • The natural resistance and how to strengthen your child’s immune system
  • First aid for small children (fall, insect bite, burn, etc.)




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