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Odorless garlic shampoo

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Odorless garlic shampoo

Garlic is known for its healthy and beneficial effect on the hair. It helps to prevent hair loss and stimulates the growth of the new hairs that have fallen out. And accelerates hair growth up to 3 times.
It is a 100% organic shampoo made from odorless garlic oil. Shampoo is enriched with extra herbal extracts (including nettle, chamomile, aloe vera, avocado, wheat, violet, zinc and provitamin B5.)

These will help to get rid of the problems of hair loss. This ensures that your epidermis becomes healthier and tighter. So that you will no longer lose your existing hair.


This shampoo is one naturally composed product, works antioxidizing and is free from radicals and free from substances such as alcohol, silicone, perfume and paraffin.

All benefits at a glance:

  • stimulates hair growth in length and volume: up to 3x faster
  • up to 90% less hair loss, already at the 3rd wash
  • on the basis of 12 herbal extracts , with as main ingredient garlic
  • fights the bacteria that rose and oily hair cause
  • anti-oxidant properties
  • visible results after just 30 days of healthier hair growth
  • suitable for the whole family


Garlic, a sustainable solution.

Garlic has been used for centuries purifying and healing properties attributed. It is an old custom in Asian countries to consume garlic kale spots to lubricate to new ones hairs to grow.

Garlic is said to owe this property to:

* Allicin , a natural antibiotic Which purifying works on the scalp, hair roots and hair follicles. Where is the stimulated blood flow with a noticeable faster hair growth as a result.

  • anti-bacterial / purifying
  • anti-oxidant
  • resist ate fungus and dandruff
  • up to 3x faster hair growth


* Sulfur, building block of Keratin , revitalizes your hair and roots. In addition, it stimulates the hair follicles to enter the growth phase.

  • stronger hair roots
  • firm and thicker hair
  • new and fuller hair growth These substances form a sustainable solution for causes hair and scalp problems.

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