Calendulan derma ointment VSM (25 grams)


Calendula ointment VSM

This ointment should actually be a basic product in your medicine cabinet to use on wounds, and to minimize scars as a result of wounds. This ointment soothes, nourishes and supports the skin’s regenerative capacity. It promotes the formation of new skin tissue and helps prevent scarring. Especially with young skin, Calendula ointment is very nice to use to limit the development of scars as much as possible.

Due to external influences, your skin can sometimes need extra protection and intensive care. For the intensive care of your skin you can use Derma Calendulan VSM ointment. The various Derma Calendulan VSM products are natural remedies based on Calendula officinalis (marigold) and support the skin’s regenerative capacity.
– For the intensive care of the skin
– Suitable for dry skin
– Supports the regenerative capacity of the skin
– Can be used from 0 years


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Calendula for whom to use?

– For the fragile, dry or reactive skin ! Calendula softens the skin .

– In front of small tears . Calendula has soothing and regenerating properties .

– In front of irritations and itching (eczema, psoriasis, …).

– For sunburn or other types burns .


Apply the ointment to the desired areas and massage lightly. If desired, repeat the procedure several times a day.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Store in the original package below 25 ° C.
Can be kept for 12 months after opening



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