Beta Alanine Gold 750mg


Beta Alanine 750mg Gold contains 750mg of pure beta alanine per vegetarian capsule. Beta alanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in our body and food. Beta Alanine 750 mg Gold is ideal for athletes who make short explosive efforts, such as sprinters, cyclists, football players and strength athletes.


750 mg beta alanine per vegetarian capsule
Building material of carnosine in the muscles
Popular among athletes
90 vegetarian capsules per package
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


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What is Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is an amino acid that the body produces itself. In addition, beta alanine is present in food, such as in meat and fish. In the muscles, beta alanine together with the amino acid histidine forms the dipeptide carnosine. Histidine is abundant in the body, making beta alanine the limiting factor in carnosine formation. To ensure that enough beta alanine is available for the muscles, many (top) athletes use a supplement with beta alanine.

Beta alanine 750 mg Gold is ideal for athletes who make short-term explosive efforts, such as sprinters, cyclists, swimmers, team athletes and strength athletes. Beta Alanine 750 mg Gold is a good supplement during intensive training or competition periods.

Vegans and Vegetarians

Since beta alanine is mainly found in animal products, vegetarians and vegans depend on the body’s own production of beta alanine. As a result, vegetarians and vegans generally have lower amounts of carnosine in their muscles than people who do eat meat (1). The use of a beta alanine supplement is therefore extra interesting for vegetarians and vegans.

NZVT certified

Beta alanine 750 mg Gold is produced according to the (doping) standards of the NZVT system and therefore contains the NZVT logo. Beta alanine 750 mg Gold can therefore be used with certainty by top athletes. In this way, the athlete can concentrate carefree on delivering optimal sports performance.


Composition per vegetarian capsule
IngredientQuantity % RI
β-alanine750 mg100
RI = Reference intake

Take 4 to 8 vegetarian capsules daily with plenty of water, preferably with a meal. After 10 weeks, the dose can be halved to 2 to 4 vegetarian capsules per day. For the desired effects, use at least 2-4 weeks. This product can be combined well with Caffeine Gold 50 mg , Creatine Gold and Sodium Bicarbonate 1200 mg Gold .


Do not exceed the recommended dose. A healthy lifestyle is important, as is a varied diet. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.


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