Atrimove granulate


Formula for bones, muscles and joints

Recommended daily dose

1 scoop daily (approx. 10 grams). Unless otherwise advised.

Tip for intake: Stir the contents of 1 scoop; Yogurt, Fruit yogurt, Cottage cheese, Custard, Apple sauce, Chocolate milk, Orange juice, Fruit juice, Hot tea

In case of intake with water: put 1 scoop of the granulate in a glass, then add a small layer of water and stir well. Then add some extra water and drink it.


MSM, Glucosamine Sulphate 2 KCl (from crustaceans ), chondroitin sulfate, minerals, vitamins, fructose (sweetener), citric acid (acidity regulator), orange flavor (flavor)

This product does not contain: gluten, yeast, lactose, artificial colors, binders or preservatives.

Ingredients per daily dose
1 scoop of 10 grams
RI *
* Reference Intake ** No RI established

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The benefits from Atrimove at a glance:

  • Extremely high daily doses of the active nutrients: Glucosamine (1750 mg), Chondroitin (1500 mg) and MSM (3000 mg).
  • Two nutrients that support the formation of connective tissue and collagen: Manganese and vitamin C .
  • Magnesium : good for muscles and skeleton, assisted by vitamin B6 to aid absorption.
  • Relatives for bone health, Calcium and vitamin D .
  • An unprecedented one value for money .
  • Granulate in powder form .



Atrimove® contains 2000 mg glucosamine sulphate. This equates to 1750 elemental glucosamine. There is no glucosamine supplement worldwide with such a high dose. Let alone that there is a glucosamine product that is combined with so many other health-promoting nutrients. In addition, Vitakruid guarantees the highest quality requirements with regard to purity and microbiological quality according to United States Pharmacopoeia guidelines.


Chondroitin is an expensive raw material that is often cut back. Vitakruid does not like to cut back on valuable nutrients, so Atrimove® contains no less than 1500 mg chondroitin, a generous dose! The chondroitin / glucosamine sulfate ratio in Atrimove® is 3: 4, the dose with the best results in the current scientific literature. Vitakruid only wants the best nutrients in its products. That is why the chondroitin in Atrimove® is tested for quality and purity according to the latest rules of Pharmacopeia European .


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur that is represented in every body cell. The sulfur species is more often combined in supplements for the musculoskeletal system with glucosamine, chondroitin and in exceptional cases with vitamin C. However, a dose of 3000 mg is unique. Together with the high doses of glucosamine (1750 mg) and chondroitin (1500 mg), Atrimove® is the highest dosed combination preparation available!

Manganese & Vitamin C.

Atrimove® contains the high dose of 7.6 mg manganese per scoop. In that dose, the metal is good for bone formation and cartilage. In addition, the nutrient protects the body against oxidative damage. A property that we also attribute to the well-known vitamin C. In addition, Atrimove® contains vitamin C in the form of calcium / magnesium ascorbate. An extremely absorbable form that provides a synergistic effect with calcium and magnesium. Two nutrients that are a valuable addition to the Atrimove® formula!

Magnesium & Vitamin B6

Magnesium is a health centipede that is involved in more than 300 biochemical processes in the body. Within Atrimove®, the mineral acts mainly as a protector of strong bones and muscles. Magnesium is assisted by vitamin B6 in the safe form pyridoxal-5-phosphate, which minimizes the chance of accumulations in the body. B6 is a versatile vitamin that helps magnesium to be better absorbed by your system.

Calcium & Vitamin D.

Calcium is a basic mineral found mainly in the bones. There it plays a role in bone formation. In addition, the versatile mineral is good for the muscles and skeleton. Due to the combination with the solar vitamin (D3), the classic bone strengthener is better absorbed by your body. Two relatives for the health of your musculoskeletal system!


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