100% Pure, raw Manuka Honey Auribee MGO 800+ (250 grams)


100% Natural, raw manuka honey from New Zealand. Contains at least 800 grams of Methylglyoxal per kg of Manuka Honey.
Auribee Manuka honey is harvested, processed and packaged in New Zealand, ensuring it meets New Zealand’s strict quality standards. Thanks to the MGO grading system, we guarantee consumers that they buy the real and pure monofloral Manuka honey with laboratory certified MGO grading. The MGO gradation is transparent, precise and scientifically substantiated .


Each batch of Auribee Manuka honey has been checked and certified by an independent laboratory to verify and guarantee the quality and Methylglyoxal value.

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Product specifications

Ingredients : 100% Pure, monofloral, raw Manuka Honey

Product specifications

EAN: 9421904595187

Weight : 250 grams

Total weight : 282 grams

Nutritional value

Per 100 grams

Energy: 1340KJ Protein: 0.4g Fat total: 0.0g Saturated 0.0g Carbohydrates: 79.6g Sugars: 78.1g Sodium: 12mg Methylglyoxal more than 80mg



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