100% Black seed oil (Habba sawda oil) 50ml


Our Black Seed oil is an organic oil without preservatives. Black cumin seeds have extraordinary medicinal values and enormous benefits.

  • Ingredient 100% black seed oil

  • Freshly squeezed

  • Suitable for skin, hair and internally

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  • These seeds are used all over the world for curing various illnesses including asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, cold and other related illnesses. In addition, it is used to increase breast milk. Furthermore, it is used to develop digestion and make parasitic infections in the intestines, stomach and lungs too difficult. The oil from this black cumin seed is used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and boils. Popular benefits of these seeds are:1. Wind-drifting benefits: black cumin seeds are carminative in nature. They had good digestion and relief in the stomach and intestines. They help heal peristalsis. The essential oils have antibacterial properties and kill the worms. Black cumin stimulates the excretion of urine, helps whooping cough and aids digestion. They are also used in the treatment of flatulence, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, constipation and dysentery.

    2. Anti-tumor: the seed has anti-tumor properties. The presence of anti-tumor sterol, beta-sitosterol makes it powerful in the treatment of tumors in the abdomen, eyes and liver.

    3. Treatment for cancer: Researchers at the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, were the first to conduct research into the prevention and treatment of cancer with the benefits of black cumin seed. They find that the seed feeds a healthy immune system and targets and destroys cancer cells. The immune system does this by providing increased production of immune cells, bone marrow cells and B cells that produce antibodies. Black cumin stimulates neutrophil activity and the production of anti-cancer interleukins. It is mainly used in aggressive cancers whose growth is dependent on angiogenesis.

    4. Solution for respiratory disease: People suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough and flu can be cured with the consumption of black cumin seed mixed with honey and garlic.

    5. Secret Behind Elegant Beauty: For shiny healthy hair and beautiful healthy nails, you can look for the benefits of black cumin seed in oil form. It is also used in the treatment of skin problems such as allergies, boils, psoriasis and eczema. Try using this natural wonder and get to know its benefits!

Since 1959, more than 200 international universities have distributed publications with remarkable results. Recently, artificial in Europe have confirmed that the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents are in the oil. These researchers from the Cancer Institute and also a laboratory in Immuno-biology have found that Black Seed stimulates immunity and bone marrow cells and increases the production of interferon, protects the cells against viruses, destroys cancer cells and increases the production of antibodies. In recent years, experiments have been conducted in the US to use black cumin oil in the case of various serious illnesses. The first results caused astonishing progress and confirm the enormous healing power of the black cumin oil.

Ingredients black cumin oil

Black cumin oil consists of 80% healthy fatty acids. In addition, it contains more than 100 bioflavonoids of phytonutrients. These are substances that reinforce each other in effect. Phytonutrients are responsible for the wide range of beneficial effects of black cumin oil. Other substances contained in this seed are: amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fixed and volatile oils, saturated (20%) and unsaturated (80% Omega 3, 6 and 9) fatty acids, alkaloids, saponins, vitamins and minerals.
Fatty acid ratio in black cumin seed oil

  • Palmitic Acid: 11%
  • Stearic Acid: 2%
  • Oleic acid: 25.5%
  • Linoleic acid: 58.5%
  • Alpha linolenic acid: 1%
  • Other fatty acids: 2%

source: Zwartezaadolie.nl


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